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De SumUp-app die u kent en graag gebruikt–maar dan beter

Alex Thumwood

Sep 1, 2019

4 tips om te starten met duurzaam ondernemen

Christiaan Poolen

Jun 13, 2017

De 10 beste slideshares voor kleine ondernemers

You can always learn more; in case you haven't seen them, here are some very helpful SlideShares geared towards small business owners.

Christine Lariviere

May 16, 2017

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A SumUp Card next to a SumUp Air Card Reader

De SumUp Card is nu 3D Secure

Your safety is our priority; learn how SumUp has become 3D Secure to protect you better

Paul O'Callaghan

Nov 18, 2020


Een terugbetaling uitvoeren met SumUp

Customers appreciate flexibility, and what better indicator of flexibility than a fast, easy refund policy? Refunding customers with SumUp is quick and painless.

Sharon Feijen

Oct 19, 2016

Women's Day Kenia

Kenia Pineda Mesa – Interview voor Internationale Vrouwendag

We sat down with Kenia from Logistics to learn more about what she does at SumUp.

Julia Maehler

Mar 10, 2019